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Knowing When To Breathe

Knowing When To BreatheChris Harding writes: -

Each week I need a starting point for my blog.

A line or a comment that relates to Telemarketing and how it can be applied, either in that sector or to life in general.

This week I struggled to find a source of inspiration. However, I was in the gym yesterday and doing my best imitation of a beetroot, when it came to me.

During the induction into the gym, they showed me when to breathe during certain exercises to maintain the oxygen levels in my body to maximise performance.

We do the same when placing calls, yet people don’t know when to stop, breathe and crucially, listen.

When we’ve built an initial pitch to test from and tweak subsequently to get the best possible formula for success, we always build in time to breathe.

It may seem obvious but like this blog, any more than a sentence or two will be less than direct and start wasting both people’s time engaging in the call.

Like when you’re resting between exercise points, you have to do the same between calls.

It gives both parties an opportunity to end the call at any point, regardless of the level of interest, if the timing isn’t right.

When you’ve completed each relevant section of your pitch and your target is giving feedback, it gives you the opportunity to not only take a breather but also assess their thoughts and reply accordingly.

Quite frequently, you’ll also need to hold your nerve when setting an appointment or making a sale and you’ll need to know when to stay quiet with the luxurious opportunity to breathe freely.

If I’m closing a deal, I’ll pause for 20-30 seconds if required and leave them to come back to me. Again, ample time to breathe.

So next time you place a call or start exercising, start with a deep breath. Breathe regularly throughout the duration of your “workout” and both your stature and self-confidence will improve.