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Here’s A Way To Make Giant Steps Towards Data Cleaning In 5 Minutes

Go awayOne of the biggest challenges for any business, regardless of the size is quality of their data and how to approach data cleaning.

To many businesses, now let’s be frank it’s decision makers, do not quite understand a list of contacts is at best 40% accurate at anyone time. OK don’t believe me well here’s a stat for you, each day there’s up to 100,000 daily changes to telephone numbers, people changing roles etc.  Whatever the reason it happens and you must be onto it daily.   A bit brutal, well unfortunately that’s business and yours will be no different.  Business is based on customer’s and nothing more, so don’t kid yourself.

Ever heard somebody say “I have a 50,000 contact list”?  This is crazy!   You could have 200,000 and still have little business opportunities.  It’s in the quality and accuracy of the contact data.

Look collecting contact data is great and you must do this. To just build a list and do nothing with it is not sensible.  The longer you leave it without acting be sure in the knowledge it will deteriorate and cost you money in the long run.

The most common approach to data cleaning is to use an email campaign.  Why would you send a blanket email to people you don’t know, then allow them to unsubscribe before you have established a personal relationship?   A slightly blunt instrument?  To have emailing as a layer within a  marketing campaign introducing the product/service along with a telemarketing campaign, makes more sense.  It will sweat the contact list without loosing a large chunk of what could be good future customers.

It’s not what you say it’s the way you do it…  A personal approach using a telemarketing professional will ensure:-

  • a personal approach is perceived by the contact
  • the data is updated not unsubscribed (e.g. telephone number, person moved on and replaced)
  • open what might be a shut door with a gentle push
  • gently make the contact aware of a product or service
  • enhance the success of your direct marketing campaign
  • catagorise your contact list into cold, warm and hot leads
  • booked appointment for those warm to hot leads.
  • good quality market research feedback

Talk is always better than email, text or letter, but how it’s approach is the key.   Just getting on the phones and calling will not cut it. Utilising a professional telemarketing company will ensure you have your campaign off the ground quickly with little infrastructural costs, impact on staff resources and quality result quickly.

Now, you should seriously consider building a layered marketing campaign including the personal touch of a phone call.  Just think, why does the mobile phone industry continue to grow?   People like to be in contact 24/7 but are sick of emails clogging up their in box,  a phone call seems somehow personal, so why not be a friend and give them a call, not sales but a friendly enquiry and achieving your data cleaning as part of the deal.

Think about it?

So what is going to be your action today?

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